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Programs & Coaching

1:1 Coaching with Megsy

*Currently at Full Capacity - please email for waitlist.

A powerful, intimate place where we will unravel the patterns that have been holding you back from a better understanding of yourself & creating the change you desire. All while being held, seen, supported and LOVED on by Me!

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Unfold - Spread your wings + RISE! - 8 Week Program

This is a journey of self-discovery, where you'll be lovingly supported along the way, but ultimately led by your own intuition. You'll gain the freedom to be all that you are & all that you desire to be, as you spread your wings and RISE into your power!

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The Empowered Mama Blueprint 

Helping mothers feel more confident in their sensuality and reignite a passionate relationship with their partner in just 10 weeks - by focusing on inner confidence, embodied feminine expression, getting their needs met & making more time for themselves. 

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Masterclasses & Products

Feminine Energy Masterclass - Replay

Launched originally near the day of loveeee (Valentines) because FIRST, the theme of all of this is to love yourSELF! And secondly, because I share with you my TOP secret, PASSIONATE date night adventure to share with your partner if you wish! (DW Single babes, I got you too!)

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School Holiday Survival Guide

Reduce stress and overwhelm for the whole family and bring some JOY & CONNECTION to the school holidays! Ideas, activities, tips to making this holiday season, the best yet. Featuring mindfulness + calming techniques, tips to creating healthy habits & so more! 

14+ activities to follow ANY time!

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