A guided, yet self-led 8-week journey, for the woman who is ready to UNFOLD their unique wings, rise gently into the powerful QUEEN they know is within & gain absolute freedom to be all that they are & all they desire to be.


A guided, yet self-led 8-week journey, for the woman who is ready to UNFOLD their unique wings, rise gently into the powerful QUEEN they know is within & gain absolute freedom to be all that they are & all they desire to be.

Take a moment to tap into your heart.

Are you...

Feeling stuck, lost, or simply wanting 'more'?

♡ Struggling to process emotions or manage stress & anxiousness?

♡ Navigating separation or relationship struggles?

♡ Feeling disempowered & disconnected from your inner queen?

♡ Searching for passion, purpose, or clarity around your career?

♡ Feeling alone, unsupported, or needing some guidance on your personal growth journey?


How it would feel to fly away with...


♡ More confidence & self-worth

♡ Practical techniques to help manage anxiety & your nervous system

♡ Clarity on what you desire in life & the tools to bring it into fruition

♡ An empowered state of being & a radiating Queen frequency

♡ A deeper connection to your feminine essence & sensuality

♡ Greater understanding of SELF

♡ A sisterhood of fellow supporters & like-minded Queens


Babe, I can empathise with how you feel, because I've been there too. 


That's why I've poured my heart and soul into creating UNFOLD — an 8-week journey of self-discovery, complete with proven techniques and practices, to give you the foundation you need to finally break free from whatever is holding you back and soar into your full potential.

UNFOLD is for any woman who is feeling stuck, uncertain about how to create lasting change, struggling with stress or challenging life circumstances, just starting out on their journey of self-discovery, or seeking a sense of community and connection.

Designed with love to help you UNFOLD into the woman you know is within! ♡



A group coaching experience to activate your power within!



Together, we will dive into:

Week 1

Understanding & managing your Nervous System

Week 2

Your Body – Support Your Mind & Soul

Week 3

Uncovering and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Week 4

Self Love & Inner Worthiness

Week 5

Navigating Your Emotions

Week 6

Boundaries, Baby

Week 7

Feminine Energy & Sensuality

Week 8

Where to next in creating your dream life!


Hi, I'm Megsy!


As I journeyed through life, exploring new paths & embracing change, I uncovered a deep passion for personal development. Now after years of self discovery and growth, I feel called to share my insight and guidance with women like you. 

My mission is to support women as they journey through transitional times in their lives. Assisting them to find & make the most out of any lessons or growth, offering proven techniques to help along the way, and guide you with practical tools + techniques to guide you along the way. 

My mission is to be here for you


As a woman who has experienced many life-changing transformations — from becoming a first-time mother, to navigating a divorce —I’ve learned that there can be a lot of lessons on this journey.

That's why I chose to officially help other women on their own journeys. I truly believe this is my calling, to share the knowledge and wisdom I've gained from my experiences and lessons learned.

As your guide, I offer my hand without judgment, filled with love and compassion.

My hope is that I can help make your journey a little more effortless, giving you the insights you need a little more quickly.

You are not alone on this path — everything you need, everything you have been searching for, is already within you.

I'm here to help you UNFOLD, spread your wings, and RISE into your power!

I’m here when you are ready.

With love,
Megsy x






The investment

I need: Flexibility


2x monthly payments

  • 8 Weekly Modules consisting of in depth video & audio content 
  • 30+ page keepsake workbook – PDF & printable
  • Live Coaching Sessions from past rounds
  • Private Facebook Community
I'm Ready!

I want: Savings


Upfront Payment

  • 8 Weekly Modules consisting of in depth video & audio content 
  • 30+ page keepsake workbook – PDF & printable
  • Live Coaching Sessions from past rounds
  • Private Facebook Community
I'm Ready!

How I have helped other women, just like YOU!

Stacey L

I am not even sure I can put into words how much I wish every woman on this earth would go on this journey.

To commit to doing something for yourself. To start to UNFOLD. It really is the perfect word.

I went into this course from a good place, I felt pretty well rounded in myself and my life, I just felt the need to step out of my comfort zone and do something higher for myself.

But wow, the layers that I unfolded, blew my mind and opened my eyes. I am so grateful for the course Megsy has put together

It stepped me through, gently in my own time and space, but yet somehow at the same time pushed me, all through Megsy’s guidance.

I felt pins drop, glass shatter and my eyes open wider to myself, the people around me and the life I am living and creating.

But in the after effect of it all, subconsciously I have a strength inside me to choose me, I feel more confident in myself, my wants and needs and expressing it all.

I feel OK with people not understanding me and if it came to it, not choosing me.

I could write all day, but to be fair it is not really possible to put it into words.

All I can say, is do yourself a favour and go on this journey, and then don't stop there

Kara G

Unfold is the most incredible life changing course I’ve ever been a part of and got me out of this frozen trauma state I was in. Having the constant support & love of Megsy and other women is just incredible, and leaning into the process & steps made all the difference in my life. I am a completely different person from 1 year ago, even my friends & family have noticed this massive shift, and I could not have done it without this course. Thank you Megsy!


Keely P

I am so grateful to have completed round 1 Unfold. I didn’t know what to expect initially, but self development always interests me. After completing unfold I can truly say it blew my mind and totally exceeded my expectations! I gained more than I ever imagined possible, I can’t thank Megsy enough! Everyone needs Unfold!


Sarah T

I didn’t know what to expect going into UNFOLD but wow, what a mind changing experience.

From week one I was on a deep dive into my thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and spirit. Carefully guided by Megsy, her wealth of knowledge and caring approach helped me unpack so many patterns and habits I had been carrying around with me in adulthood that didn’t serve me anymore.

Everything I’ve learned has stayed with me since completing the course and I can honestly say I am a changed woman. I highly recommend investing in yourself and signing up for UNFOLD

Nadine G

Working on myself, with the beautiful Megsy’s guidance, has probably been the best thing I've done for myself. I am a better, stronger, more aware, wiser, lighter, more free version of myself. I can honestly say I love me because of Megsy, her guidance and the Unfold course. Megsy has so much knowledge, she is so nurturing, so patient, so understanding, passionate, she has this aura about her that makes you feel safe, accepted, heard, understood, never judged, and honestly, loved like a sister would. You just feel like she truly has your back & it leaves you knowing you're going on this special journey with the right person. The unfold course teaches you so much about yourself, about healing, about tools to use through life's ups & downs, about self worth, etc. Unfold is a course that you don't just do for several weeks and that's it, you constantly grow, evolve, heal and are forever learning because of the knowledge Megsy has instilled in you.

Megsy has this magical way of bringing out the you in you. Learning from her & this wonderful unfold course, you speak from a more wholesome place, you make better choices, you back yourself more, you're more aware, you love yourself more, you are truly just a better version of you. That is why I recommend being inspired & supported by Megsy, allowing her to guide you & show you just how much of a Queen you really are. You are worth it!

7-Day Guarantee

I want you to be totally on board with your transformation journey! So if you join “UNFOLD” & decide in the first 7 days it’s not the container for you, I’ll refund your investment with love & good vibrations.

You’ve got questions?
I have answers!

Your heart has guided you here for a reason...

It knows exactly what you need to live the life of your dreams. 
Remember, change is the necessary catalyst for transformation, like how butterflies emerge from their cocoons. 

Sometimes all it takes is that first step, and the rest will beautifully UNFOLD.